5 Fasting Hack to Boost Your Productivity

admin khumaedi

admin khumaedi

Ramadhan was the holy month for muslims to do fasting, thats mean they’re restricted to drink water or consume any food, from sun the sun rising, till the sun down. Even though you’re fasting, that’s not a reason to justify being lazy and not doing anything for a whole day

Sadly, many people didn’t do anything productive just because they’re fasting and they will complain for not having enough energy to do something productive. This problem have so many factors to occur, for instance, skipping suhoor. To prevent this laziness during the holy month of Ramadhan, this 5 hacks will help you to be more productive in Ramadhan.

1. Make a To-Do List

Your schedule ay be packed, but you might find it challenging to prioritize activities, especially during Ramadhan when fasting. That’s why creating a to-do list is a good idea. You can sort tasks from the most important to the smallest of the atom, allowing you to maximize your productivity even while fasting

2. Adequate Iftar

Therefore, you may feel very hungry after fasting. However, it’s not advisable to eat excessively without limits. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle as it can make you feel overly full and ultimately lazy after iftar.

That’s why it’s essential to control your portion sizes. Eating an adequate amount that matches your needs can help replenish your energy levels effectively and, consequently, maximize productivity

3. Engaging in Activites After Suhoor

After suhoor, the body certainly conserves a lot of energy. Utilize this opportunity to prioritize activities that require more attention during this time. Research supports the idea that people tend to be more focused in the morning or early part of the day.

4. Taking Breaks

Sometimes, individuals undoubtedly need to relax and take breaks to recharge their energy, especially when juggling work and fasting simultaneously. It’s essential for someone to manage their break times effectively to conserve energy for their tasks and various activities. With ample energy, individuals can undoubtedly maximize their activity results because their bodies have the necessary power to perform tasks at their maximum potential. This step certainly enhances activity performance, leading to the best results.

5. Prioritizing Sleep

Especially during Ramadan, getting enough sleep is an essential formula for being productive. Adequate sleep hours allow your body to recharge its energy levels effectively. Individuals with sufficient sleep hours can significantly enhance their productivity. Therefore, having enough sleep is a crucial tool for maintaining productivity during Ramadan.

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