60S OR 80S ?



With the development of cotton fabric, the material continues to become finer and softer. There are more and more choices, both colors and motifs. Cotton is a fairly well-known fabric. Cotton is famous as a raw material for textiles ranging from clothing to sheets and blankets. Its characteristics are light, comfortable, and adaptable to climate or weather.

Material 60S?

Each type and thickness of fabric definitely has its benefits or advantages. 60s cotton material itself is not too thick. On the other hand, this material tends to seem thin, because it’s grammage ranges from 90-100 gsm, 60s cotton looks a little transparent. That’s why not all types of clothing are suitable for making regular 60s cotton. 60s cotton or what can be called regular is a type of material made from natural cotton fiber. If you look at it with the naked eye, this fabric has a fairly rough surface.

Why does it say 60s cotton? because the number of threads is 60. 60s fabric is 100% made from cotton fiber. The 60s material guarantees it is safe for the skin. The following are the advantages of 60s materials.

  1. One of the advantages of regular cotton fabric is its wide choice of colors and motifs. From those with dolls, flower patterns, and many others. When compared with other types of cotton, the choice of colors and motifs for regular cotton is greater.
  1. As with other types of cotton, regular cotton has good fiber strength. The strength of regular cotton fiber usually depends on the cotton content in it, so the more cotton content, the better the absorbency.
  1. The sweat-absorbing character of cotton fabric makes it feel cool when worn or in contact with the skin. Plus the low gramasi, namely 60s, 60s cotton material as explained above, 60s material has good absorbency, so Regular or 60s cotton fabric is very suitable for tropical climates.
  1. If you look at the price, 60s fabric is relatively cheap compared to other types of cotton. The price of regular cotton printing is quite affordable, this is because it adapts to the population and the cotton images used.

Material 80S

The difference between 60s and 80s fabric is the composition of the fabric. The fabric is made from 80s bamboo fiber, meaning the tencel composition in this fabric is the highest composition in the tencel class. Apart from being comfortable to wear, this type of fabric is a type of fabric that shows luxury when worn.

The greater the amount of fabric, the finer the thread. Yarns that are too fine are not easy to produce. Requires good management and good quality fiber material so that it doesn’t spoil quickly.The fineness of 80s bamboo fiber thread is equivalent to 1/2 thinner than 60s bamboo fiber.


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